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Why AJM Mortgage Solutions chose Pleasant View Village as home

Amy Miller was born in Nashville and raised in Clarksville, so when time came to choose her own home, Pleasant View Village just made sense. It was the perfect middle ground between two familiar points.

As a resident of Pleasant View Village, Amy found a unique opportunity: to work where she lived. Amy is the owner of AJM Mortgage Solutions and has real estate clients that run from North Clarksville to Murfreesboro, making Cheatham County easily accessible regardless of where the deal was happening.

“I was able to get in in the early phases of Pleasant View Village and get this great office. We’re in expansion mode and there’s more to come over the next few years which is exciting,” Amy said.

And expansion mode is perfect for Amy. As a broker, she works with multiple banks and lenders to keep people moving quickly. With the growth around her, she’s able to help locally and regionally as people close on homes, commercial spaces and more.

“We have really fast close rates, with some clients closing in as little as two weeks,” Amy said.

In addition to servicing Tennessee, Amy also has her licenses to serve Georgia and Florida, making

her impact vast and wide from her headquarters in the Village.

Amy’s office is located in the first phase of Pleasant View Village’s commercial space. This year, another 30 commercial locations will fill out the other side of Pleasant View Village, creating a wholly unique experience for Pleasant View Village residents to live, work shop, dine and play without ever needing to leave their community.

Visit AJM Mortgage Solutions online anytime to learn more about Amy's business or to receive a free quote. You can also stop into her office to say hello at 258 Village Square, Suite 200.

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