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Street Coffee Coffee Bar perks up Pleasant View Village Residents

As a retired teacher, Teresa Lopez is no stranger to early mornings. After she retired from teaching in Memphis, she opened a coffee truck, but she felt like it just wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

When she saw the for rent sign in the window of where Street Coffee Coffee Bar sits now, she knew it was meant to be. And it truly was. Since opening her doors last year in the middle of the pandemic, it has been a great experience despite the odds.

“The Village is like a family. I’ve only been here since May 2020, the merchants and residents around us just embraced us. It’s really unique within itself, we’re just surrounded by really good people,” Teresa said.

Starting with coffee first, Street Coffee Coffee Bar is steadily adding more and more to their menu. They now have lunch options like their infamous chicken salad sandwich meal for just $6.50, and have even added wine in the afternoons.

Residents in the community love their coffees, lunches and snacks throughout the day. It’s an easy, light meal that can keep you going for hours, and Teresa says she has a lot of regulars who keep returning for their favorites.

As for small town life? Teresa said she’s settling right in.

“I’m a city girl. I’m from the Memphis area, that’s where I taught school for years. I wasn’t sure I’d like small town life because I’m used to having everything at my fingertips. In some small cities, you're faced with the mentality of 'you’re not from here,' but that’s not Pleasant View or Cheatham County at all. It has been so welcoming, and I’ve felt so much a part of this community from the start," Teresa said.

Street Coffee Coffee Bar is located at 238 Village Square Suite 100, Pleasant View, TN 37146 and is open Monday, 6:30-2 pm, Tuesday-Friday, 6:30-5 pm and Saturday, 7:30-3 pm.

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