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4 ways to enhance your experience at the Village Farmers & Makers Market

There is something special in the air on these days. Waking up early, grabbing a coffee or breakfast with a friend then heading over to the Village Farmers Market. There you will find artisans and farmers lined up waiting to greet their community with a smile and share with them the rewards of their hard work.

Here are a few tips for making your experience enjoyable:

Get there early! I know waking up early on a Saturday morning is

not what you want to think about after a long week, but for the best selection, go to the farmers market early. The best goods tend to go first, and popular-but-limited items may even sell out before the day is done. Early bird gets the worm!

Take your own bag! Some vendors do offer bags, but it is always best to use recyclable bags when possible. By carrying your own bag you are reducing the use of plastic and they are usually larger so you can fit lots of goodies in them.

Take small bills! While vendors will make change, purchases will go quicker if you have exact (or close to exact) change. Having a stack of ones, fives and tens will make things easier for you and the vendors. Although, most vendors can take cards the fees will reduce their profit.

Get to know the vendors! When you find a product you love, do not be afraid to ask the vendor about it. Most vendors are passionate about their product and would love to share thoughts, ideas, and recipes. Many will even share how they are grown or made, what they taste like, and how use or prepare them. Plus, they might give you a sample to try.

A bit of planning can keep weekly farmers market trips fun. However, never be afraid to try new things. Whether it is visiting a new vendor, trying a new food, or buying something impulsively, leave some room in your budget. You never know what you might find.

Pleasant View Village Farmers & Makers Market is held on the 3rd Saturday during June, July, August & September beginning at 10am.

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